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About | Miami's Best DJ Service| (305) 298-3496 BELIEVE DREAMS COME TRUE

About | Miami's Best DJ Service| (305) 298-3496

As specialists in Biscayne National park we understand the area and activities. We take great pride in showing visitors many of the great things that Biscayne national park has to offer. Many of these thing are taken into consideration such as the time of day, the time of year is best for the experience and what the weather has in store for your adventure.

What Biscayne Boat Tours are all about
We offer something we like to call The Millionaire Style Experience at the lowest guaranteed prices! We will strive to give you the best Adventure of your life; guaranteed! Biscayne National park's most popular island provides travelers with a variety of amenities. There is a campground with BBQ grills and picnic tables. Saltwater toilets are available, because there is no freshwater or electricity available on Boca Chita island, there are no sinks or showers. There is a half-mile hiking dirt trail that starts just south of the restrooms. Take a walk around the island to discover many interesting plants, insects and animals the claim the trees along the way.

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With a dedication to superior workmanship that is unsurpassed in past travelers experiences, We give you the adventure the we would want and more if you are unsure of what great things to expect. Reach out to us to learn more!

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